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Kozai refers to a class of timber, used in the construction of traditional Japanese Kominka (古民家) – which literally translates to old house.

Built prior to the second world war, with their distinctive thatched styled roof, the Kominka you’ll see in modern Japan were built up to 400 years ago- a testament to Japanese architecture and craftsmanship.

Be it a 400 year old beam cut from a 1,000 year old tree, or a complete frame of a house first built 200 years ago, our aim is to preserve this limited resource by redefining the purpose in which these materials are currently used.

About Kozai Timber

Kozai Timber is run by Will Beresford, Australian and 30 year resident of Japan.

Outside the snow season Will has been renovating buildings throughout Nagano and studying old Kominka under the guidance of his Japanese mentor (3rd generation builder) of 29 years.

Kozai Timber has an endless supply of this handpicked ancient lumber that is currently shipped directly to Australia, and is available to be shipped abroad.

Whether it’s used in Western, Japanese, or contemporary architecture, “Kozai” is a piece of history to take pride in your next build.

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Kozai Timber Provides Quality Timber Direct From Japan To Architects, Furniture Makers & Carpenters


Imagine being able to source timber unlike anything commonly available.

Feature beams, up-cycled off-cuts for facias or fully relocated frames of original Japanese houses built 100 plus years ago are just a few of the options we can offer to our clients.

Furniture Makers

Keyaki, Nara, Cherry Blossom and Kaki (Persimon) are all beautiful high grade finish hardwoods that are the perfect selection for a furniture piece that will last generations.

We can supply this timber as is raw, or rough cut into predetermined thicknesses


Kozai feature beams are strong and can also be weight bearing.

This timber is tough, and the applications for using it are endless.

Lack of creativity is your only inhibitor.

Client Testimonials

“It has been my great pleasure to know and do business with Will Beresford for 31 years. He is a man of great integrity. If he says he is going to do something, it happens - he keeps his agreements - a rare thing in this world. His attention to detail, his ability to source the best timber - timber that is unlike any other - comes from spending a long time finding the very best that is available. Will simply outworks everyone else in his quest to provide his customers with something that is unique.”
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Ted Kabbout

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